Forslund Crane Service has accesss to the Compu-Crane software. This software is an advanced method for planning and simulating a lift.
   "Compu-Crane, or Crane Selection and Lift Planning (CSPS) software allows users to draw simple or detailed jobsites with any number of obstructions for lift planning purposes. A complete replica of the jobsite can be created allowing CSPS to provide a selection of suitable cranes and appropriate rigging configurations to accomplish the lift. The Crane Selection and Lift Planning (CSPS) software displays the lifting task in detail, showing the selected crane with all lift obstructions. Users can simulate the lift and check all clearances (boom, tail, swing, tip height, and hook height). Furthermore, details can be added to the jobsite. Lift data can be printed for presentation, bids, company records, or on-site reference. An equipment dispatcher can enter jobsite parameters and then examine the list of optimal configurations." - Compu-Crane website.

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